Uğur Baç, Asst. Prof.Dr., Vice Chair

Uğur Baç

Contact Information

Office:C-BLOK No:210
Home Department:Department of Industrial Engineering
Detailed CV

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems Atılım University 2013
Master's of Science Business Administration-Operations Management and Quantitative Methods Hacettepe University 2007
Bachelor's of Science Industrial Engineering Baskent University 2004

Academic Titles

Asst. Prof. Atılım University February 2015

Research Topics

Supply Chain Management, Scheduling, Business Process Reengineering, Linear/Large-Scale Optimization, Strategic Performance Management



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Baç U., Erkan T. E. (2011), A model to evaluate supply chain performance and flexibility., African Journal of Business Management, 5, 4263-4271

Other Refereed Journals

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International Conference Proceedings

Erkan T.E., Özdemir Y.S., Baç U. (2015), AHP Based Decision Making Process for Zero Energy House Building, ICAMS’15, Amsterdam/HOLLAND

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