Laboratory Opportunitues


The Department of Industrial Engineering has three laboratories including Ergonomics, Systems Management and Decision Support Systems laboratories, equipped with the latest technologies. Our laboratories allow our undergraduate and graduate students to conduct individual research and our academic staff to conduct high-level research and produce different projects.
In these laboratories, there are many licensed software packages such as AIMMS Large + CPLEX LMBQ, ARENA, AutoCad, Business Process Management BEA, Energy SSPP, Gams, LINDO/LINGO Mathematica, Matlab, Microsoft ERP: DYNAMICS, Minitab, NETSIS ERP, Task Architect, SAS, VIP Plan-OPT and Stella/iThink.
Apart from these three laboratories, the Department, also, has access to other primary laboratories within the Engineering faculty such as physics, chemistry and computer laboratories, as well as the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing Laboratories.

Human Factors Laboratory

The Human Factors Laboratory was established in order to assist the Ergonomics and Work Study courses offered by the Department as well as to conduct research in these fields. The Ergonomics Laboratory is designed to allow students to carry out ergonomic measurements and accordingly provide students with the opportunity to conduct work studies and create ergonomic designs, in accordance with physiological and anthropometric characteristics as well as work environment factors. The experience gained as a result of these measurements and evaluations shed light into foremost work design, design of control and display devices, workplace design and ergonomic workplace arrangement. Our laboratory also includes a three dimensional (3-D) movement monitor and an eye tracking equipment to design the most suitable equipment for individuals according to their conditions.


Systems Management Laboratory
Core focus areas of Industrial Engineering include the assessment, identification, analysis and solution of management problems within organizations in accordance with engineering principles. The Systems Management Laboratory has been established to support research, education, training and understanding in utilizing the suitable tools and methods for management systems design, assessment, analysis, implementation, and improvement.

The following devices are available in this laboratory:

  • 35 PCs (17-19” LCD-Monitör),
  • 1 Server (Xenon Processor),
  • 1 Printer,
  • 1 Computer aided projection unit, and
  • 1 Over-head projection unit

Software packages such as ARENA, AutoCAD, Business Process Management BEA, Energy SSPP, Gams, LINDO/LINGO, Mathematica, Matlab, Microsoft ERP: DYNAMICS, Minitab, NETSİS ERP and VIP Plan-OPT are also available.

Decision Support Systems Laboratory

Our Decision Support Systems Laboratory has ten server-based computers in order to carry out research activities. In this laboratory, advanced analysis and simulation studies are conducted to support accurate decision making for companies. Decision Support Systems Laboratory has important licensed software packages such as AIMMS Large + CPLEX LMBQ, ARENA, Minitab, TaskArchitect, SAS and Stella/iThink.