Job Opportunities

What is Industrial Engineering?
Industrial engineering is a discipline concerned with the design, improvement and the installation of the systems to organize the basic resources – people, materials, equipment, energy and information – for the production of goods and services.

What do Industrial Engineers do?
Industrial Engineers utilize their knowledge and skills gained in basic sciences, humanities and social sciences in order to analyze, design, develop, control and evaluate goods and services systems. Some contributions of Industrial Engineers to your business processes are listed as follows:

  • More efficient and profitable business practices increasing service and/or product quality,
  • Increase in productivity that reduces the need for resources by improving competitiveness and profitability,
  • Improving the organization and productivity,
  • Improving the ability to produce more output out of less input,
  • Ensuring that processes are carried out more safely, rapidly, easily and fruitfully,
  • Guiding to raise the standards while paying attention to the labor force of the society and workplace,
  • Reducing the costs associated with new technologies,
  • Showing ways to improve the working environments.

Where do Industrial Engineers work?
The term “industry” actually applies to “any organization”. Industrial engineering gives the graduates the opportunity to work in all kinds of business, from manufacturing companies to service industries, and municipal and government organizations. Some sample projects of IE’s are as follows:

  • Designing patient admission process of a hospital,
  • Conducting business and time studies,
  • Performing production planning activities of a manufacturing firm,
  • Developing layout of shipyard or ship repair and maintenance unit,
  • Simulation modelling,
  • Representing a company in the design and construction of a new manufacturing factory,
  • Developing a new method to avoid injuries during the assembly of a product.