Chair Person's Message

Dear Students,

Working with humans, materials, machines and equipment, industrial engineering is a discipline dealing with the design, management and continuous improvement of systems and is popular in Turkey and the world. In the future, it is certain that Industrial Engineers will still be in demand, as its main goal is to plan, develop and utilize restricted resources and potential in the optimal way.

The Industrial Engineering program at Atılım University focuses on students and aims to raise graduates who are successful in national and international competition and also equipped with the contemporary knowledge in their field.  In order to cultivate these talents in our graduates, our education program includes team based projects, presentations and internships.

The different and abundant technical elective opportunities in our industrial engineering program are also an advantage as they allow our students to pursue careers as industrial engineers in different sectors and/or fields.

Academic works of our department staff are also published in distinguished journals and this makes our department come out in top ranking compared to similar departments in other universities.

The Department of Industrial Engineering is very rich in terms of laboratory facilities. The department has three laboratories including: Human Factors laboratory, Systems Management laboratory and Decision Support Systems laboratory. Moreover, it has access to the laboratories of thirteen other engineering departments in our engineering faculty. Being a part of an engineering faculty incorporating a number of departments also gives our students an important chance to pursue minor and double-major programs.

Graduates of our Industrial Engineering department are equipped with qualifications to approach, model and utilize techniques learnt and apply them to both manufacturing and service sectors. Industrial engineers have vast employment opportunities in many sectors including production, energy, transportation, health services and banking. The 4-year undergraduate education in the Industrial Engineering program allows graduates to work in different management positions not restricted to the production sector, in various roles such as risk analysts and planning experts.

We will be glad to host you at our department for further information.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turan Erman Erkan